We Are CKiW iRadio 76



How much fun is this?

From our standpoint, PLENTY!

We have an absolute disdain for  "oldies radio". 
We cannot stand the awful repetition of lame hits that are picked by some computer in San Antonio that produces a limp playlist that is spread to radio stations to play day in and day out.


Here at CKiW iRADIO 76, EACH  and EVERY SONG is hand picked by yours truly . We play the BEST music of the 60's and 70's. No stats sheets, no silly "consultants" from New York, and certainly NO computer from Texas. We play over an AMAZING 1051 songs in our play list each day and that number will grow. When we go live, either on the JOHN SARVER SHOW,  TIDE LOUNDON SHOW, CKIW CDF (Classic Dance Floor)-those shows are 100%  free form. NOTHING is pre-programmed or voice tracked, it is all LIVE and the dj's can play what songs they feel will be the best one, time after time. 

Just like when radio was great...

That is our philosophy for CKiW iRADIO 76. We are going to play THE BEST music from that era that we hope will lessen the stress of your day and something that will make your life  better. That is why we call it "HIGH PERFORMANCE HITS OF THE 60's & 70's. To us, that is not a slogan, but a promise to you! 

As you may have heard,  here at CKiW iRADIO 76, we play NO commercials, NO PSA's ,  NOTHING to disrupt the flow of High Performance Hits to you while you are listening. We pay the total freight here.  We can't and won't be bought. We won't be pressured by ANYBODY to make us play or do anything that we that would run counter to our philosophies.

And yes, WE DO broadcast in 320k MP3 24/7/365. It is THE BEST sound that you can get on internet radio stations. We think that you deserved the best.  And for free. Paying $14.99 for radio a month is stupid. That's done by companies that don't care about YOU or music, just your wallet.

Here at CKiW iRADIO 76 we really do LOVE radio and the music of the 60's and 70's!  We are bringing back the fun radio use to be and a reason for you to be with us! More to come... Thanks for listening!   

-John Sarver