The  ckiw iradio 76  protostar  weekly  top  ten: 10-11-19


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 "Sooner or later we're going to have a musical star rise from the ranks of internet radio." - Ken Dardis

We would like to thank Ken Dardis for all of his hard work on his Audio Graphics/ RRadio website. Mr. Dardis is EVERY indie musician 's best friend.

TW               SONG                      ARTIST                        LW
1.Bad Company                              Andreas Carlsson/MB    1     2.Never Have You                          Ed Fishell                          2     3.Unloved                                        Chained To Insanity       4      4.She's My Girl                               Rod Clemmons                3      5.Glass Slippers                              Brenda Cay                       8      6.Been There Done That              Big Al Staggs                     7        7.Tell Me Darlin'                            The Driftwoods                9       8.Party                                             Horacio Jr.                        5  9.Hey, Mr. Sad Face                      Canden Levi                    10    10.Storms                                        Roswell                              6


HB Fall In Line                         Stereo Treason             HB

HB Downhill                             Meeera Mennillo          HB

HB Out West                             Fidelity Project             HB

HB Man Eater                           Carolyn Marie              HB 

HB Give It Up                           Anthony Stells              HB




TW               TITLE                       ARTIST               LW

1.                     Am I  Dreaming                   Dolly Rappaport        1

2.                    Super Wonderful                 Wil Deynes                  3    

3.                    Bip Bop I Found Love         Robert Wuagneux       8

4.                    I Married My Stalker          Pixley Arbuckle            9             5.                   Memory Eraser                     Dustin James Clark  HB

6.                    Coming After You                Leah Jee                        7

7.                    Cowboy Up                            Gabe Nieto                   4

8.                    Finally Your Turn                J.J. Crowne                  6

9.                Internet Blues                       Icepack Jackson      HB

10.                  Promise Me                           Yan Bugaiski              3           



Rain--The Hackwells

Tropical Romance--Mike Smiarowski

Something Wrong With You If You Love Me--Pixley Arbuckle

This Feeling--Gregg Holsey

Beautiful Girl--Ron Gallucci